Summer Night Blues (Rare 1956 recording. Music by L. Berio, lyrics by Cathy Berberian. Luciano Berio on piano)

Tre volte Cathy (Swiss Television 2013 homage to Cathy, with Bruno Canino, Giorgio Gaslini, Filippo Crivelli. La Berberian nel ricordo di Bruno Canino, Giorgio Gaslini e Filippo Crivelli)

Con tutto il mio amore (Swiss Television 2013 homage for Cathy’s 30th anniversary. Speciale Cathy Berberian. Con Cristina Zavalloni. A cura di Patricia Barbetti)

Cathy Berberian performing John Cage’s Song Books at the 1972 Holland Festival in Amsterdam

Cathy sings America (English Recital – Accompanied by Massimiliano Damerini on piano and Candace Smith (soprano); recorded in Frankfurt, Nov. 18, 1981)

Cathy Canta l’America (Italian Recital – Accompanied by Massimiliano Damerini, piano; Candace Smith, soprano; Carolyne Steinberg, soprano and guitar. Recorded in Lugano, at the RSI Concert Hall, Feb 9, 1981)

Cathy’s KRO solo talk show (or ‘Portrait of a Voice’. Two-part radio interview conducted by Frans van Rossum in 1979. In a very entertaining and informal setting, Cathy candidly talks about her musical influences, her inspirations, different vocal techniques, as well as her personal life. She performs a selection of pieces accompanied by Harold Lester)

Cathy’s witty BBC interview with Roy Plomley (London, Sept. 18, 1978. Cathy refreshingly talks about her early musical influences, about trying to find her musical identity, her love of opera, Berio and Strawinsky, and the desire to get away from ‘avant-garde’ clichés, as they listen to pieces of music she would take to a desert island)

Charles Amirkhanian’s Radio Interview on KPFA with Cathy (1972)